This is us

Innovation through passion, creativity with inventiveness


Especially the details are, the ones that matter in the end. Little things that no one thinks about. You have to have a lot of passion for something to have the stamina to perfect it to the end. We often redevelop a component hundreds of times until we are satisfied.


Trying things out is of course an important step in product development. In addition to product development, however, it is much more important to develop yourself further. Everyone wants something unique. So we not only develop the products further, but also ourselves. Unfortunately, we feel that the established car manufacturers, some of which have been in existence for over 100 years, have not done much about this in recent years. Good quarterly figures are usually more important here than truly sustainable innovations. We are not a listed company and therefore enjoy the advantages of a lean corporate structure. This means that we can sometimes start projects that are riskier, but have a real chance of being outstanding.


The cornerstone of our thinking. Being innovative is the result of our passion and inventiveness. Cheetah, with the entrepreneurial spirit you can achieve great things. We love innovation because it makes people’s lives easier.

See problems

People who do the same thing over a long period of time and then don’t notice that something is going completely wrong are called operationally blind. It is similar when we simply accept circumstances or do not think about them.

We don’t. We like to ignore with a smile what most take for granted. We question almost everything, which most probably dismiss as “that’s just the way it is, nothing can be changed” and then live with a problem. This is not acceptable for us.

An example from days gone by illustrates this appropriately. There, we developed a better intake manifold for an engine type. For design reasons, the most obvious thing to do was to install the throttle body upside down. Alternatively, we would have had to design a new one and adjust the ECU software. However, our proposal met with resistance from the clients. When we nevertheless prevailed, the astonishment was great. It worked perfectly.

So part of our job is to persuade.  Seeing problems in order to find the solution with one’s imagination is what we develop every day.

Systems and methods

Without good and innovative systems, there is hardly a successful company today. To be able to grow sustainably, you have to systematize processes.

Today, no one checks orders by hand anymore. Customers can order and pay online. Software automatically sends the order to a warehouse. There, the order is taken and shipped by staff or robots.

This is the only way to create attractive prices and error-free processes.

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