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Our focus is on the development, manufacture and distribution of parts for the automotive industry, CNC drive technology, and more.

Many of our products are subject to *patent protection and testify to quality and durability.

Please have a look in our store and inform yourself about our portfolio!

*(Property rights in the sense of e.g. PatG, GebrMG, GeschmacksmusterG, MarkenG, uvm.)


What others say

Josef Achilles

bought a conversion kit to without balance shaft module (part number: 1000208 and 1000220)

I just wanted to say thanks again for the cost effective and good alternative for the balance shaft problem at VAG. Have made the conversion with my workshop of trust (for which it was also new territory) but they were immediately convinced of your concept.🙂 And eibau went with the instructions also super they said. And must say he now pulls a bit better and a larger oil budget can not hurt. Aufjedenfall thick THANK YOU and I hope I have not wasted too much of your time with the text … I will always recommend you!

Heiko Nakonz

Bought a reinforced driver (part number: 1000107)

Hello MM-HP Team, this weekend I have the reinforced driver oil pump in a Seat Alhambra 2.0 TDI BRT installed.The old driver I had ca.2.5 years and 35000km already times changed.The 2nd driver was already very worn again and shortly before the blocking / spinning.The current is really a very good product and could be easily changed.Thank you again for your work and this great product.Hope that he now lasts longer. Yours sincerelyHeiko Nakonz

Jonas K.

bought a universal injection bar (part number: 201109-011)

Top quality, good value and fast delivery. Thank you very much, noitacav.

Jason Burner

bought a reinforced driver (part number: 1000107)

Great fit and finish, nice instructions